Saving the planet, one scarf at a time...

Our creations pair the beauty of pre-loved French silk scarves and ties with classic American denim for jackets that will last a lifetime.

LuxEncore Defined

Eternal, Elemental, Essential

LuxEncore is born of the idea that the best things in life can be even better together.

The Atelier focuses on creating a collection of Levi’s jackets embellished with the beauty and luxury of Hermès scarves and ties.

Hand-sourced from collectors around the world, the designer silk is reimagined and sewn by local artisans. Each piece is unique.

The beautiful silks are given new life and the iconic Levi’s jackets, timeless elegance. They are designed to adapt to our changing lifestyles and our desire to live more sustainably.

The forever jacket, a sophisticated staple, meant to be worn with joy, standing the test of time. A modern classic.

American crafted, infused with French style. 

“Saving the planet, one scarf at a time.”

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Wear Your Favorites More

You can be like night and day, and still be the best of friends. You may not see each other for years, then reconnect in an instant. Somehow, you bring out the best in each other.

That’s how we feel about our friendship, and it describes LuxEncore, too. We met when we became neighbors in Charleston, South Carolina, some years ago. Amongst other things, we shared a passion for Hermès scarves that began as young professionals in New York.

We enjoyed these scarves, finding inspiration in their artistic beauty, fine craftmanship and commitment to quality, elegance and luxury. But as time went on, we found they didn’t fit our lifestyle, and we weren’t wearing them often enough. In everyday life, we were reaching for our Levi’s jackets, and loving the all-American go-anywhere, anytime look.

Then in 2023, we realized that we could wear Hermès scarves in an entirely new way. In fact, we could wear them every day.

How? Give them new life by combining their timeless elegance with iconic and high-quality Levi’s denim jackets.

Hand selected scarves from independently authenticated secondary market vendors, individually designed and sewn by local artisans, each piece is unique. Likewise for guys, luxury neckwear can now work its magic in everyday life. A flash of Hermès silk makes a Levi’s jacket worthy of the runway or the red carpet.

Hermès, adapted to our changing lifestyles with a wardrobe staple in a sustainable way. Creating a modern classic. The forever jacket.
Daily joy.

The Atelier is born from the idea that the best things in life can be even better together.

LuxEncore, USA quality, French style forever.